Monday, October 8, 2012

Photoshoot on a beautiful autumnday

Yesterday Sunday  I went with Julia and Miranda to Botaniska trädgården in Uppsala. It was a very beautiful  day perfect for photography, so we decided to take some pictures. What I most like about the autumn are the colorfulness of the leafs. They are still a little bit too green but we managed to find some spots  where they went from green to yellow and red. Here are some of the picts:

Miranda is quite good at taking pictures. I gave her my very very old camera. A Minolta Z1, which was one of the first digital cameras I ever had. She loves to experiment with it

And here is Julia in front of the "Orangeriet

Miranda, of course, wanted to have some pictures of her own. The tree which Julia is standing in front of was had really fantastic colors. I do not think I really nailed it on that picture though ://; its still a good one... 

 And last, both playing with the leafs...

Well, that is it for today... now I have to write about the BJJ training :). Tomorrow, I'll try to write about a very interesting synthesis. Peace and luv...

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