Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some words about Chemtrails etc...

Lately, I have been speaking with some people who believes that Chemtrails are actually chemicals that different governments or companies are paying for.

Before I continue, let me clarify some things.
  • I am against the belief that ALL aircraft, including commercial aircraft, are spraying chemicals in the air to control the weather or poison our lakes
  • I am aware that geo-engineering is for real. But geo-engineering is only being performed in smaller scale. Cloud seeding and such are old techniques that were used already in the Vietnam war. And yes, we can induce rain in very small geographical areas. 
  • The technique used for cloud seeding do need an airplane. The airplane has to be close to the cloud and release the "seeds" at the cloud's base or cloud's top.
  • My concern is that people spend so much time discussing Chemtrails, when all of these observations can be explained scientifically. And I will try to explain some of these physio-chemical phenomena here  
  • Airplains use combustion motors (turbines?) to fly. Combustion is a simple chemical equation: CxHy (g eller l) + zO2 (g) --> xCO2 (g) + (y/2)H2O (g) + energi.
    What that means is, you take gasoline or something with hydrocarbons, let it react with oxygen and you get carbon dioxide and water as products of combustion. So, Chemtrails are noting else than water condensation in the stratosphere
I will start talking about this video, which I was encouraged to see because it contained "facts" that proved Chemtrails are for real

When I watched this video, I did not start looking at it with the intention of not believing. I wanted to watch it, hear their facts and see how scientifically sound they were. Then, I wanted to compare their facts with scientifically proven facts.

Now. Let me debunk all of the "facts" given on the video, one by one.

First statements, minutes 0:58 to 36:56

The documentary presents their evidence about geo-engineering by attending a scientific conference. Again, geo-engineering is not a hidden fact, there are companies making a profit from it already and here is one of them.

Now, next 20-25 minutes or so, they focus in explaining WHAT is being sprayed. They interview people given testimony of elevated levels of alumina (Aluminum 3+ to be more accurate) and decreased levels of pH in the soil.

Let me take a pause here. I am a chemist. For me, this rang a bell. Does it ring a bell for you? So, they are saying that these chemtrails are metals (more exactly aluminum). That these metals are the ones contributing to elevated levels of Aluminum 3+ in soils, and also the cause for lowering the pH on the ground. Just wait...
  • Have you ever heard about ACID RAIN? Acid rain is a scientifically proven fact. For you who do not know about this, I will explain it in a minute.
    • Acid rain lowers the pH in soils and lakes
      • By lowering the pH in soils and lakes, metals starts to leak out from the earth crust. Remember that 7 % of the earth crust contains Alumina in different states.
      • This leakage of aluminum 3+ and other metals coordinates to other atoms that usually are taken by plants as nutrients, such as phophorous
        • By coordinating to phosphorous, plants cannot grow. That is why elevated levels of aluminum 3+ are undesired on soil
  •  Acid rain is caused by emissions of Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides from industry.
Here is a paper about this: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ar00043a004

My point is. Why don't you people address the real cause for elevated levels of aluminum 3+ on soils? Focus on the real problem, not something without scientific back-up!

This will be my first post about this topic. Next post will be about this image, which is also the next topic of the documentary, and some facts about Hawaii and their elevated levels of aluminum...

This image is used as "evidence" of the spraying of chemicals. It has a very easy and scientifically exciting explanation.

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