Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chemtrails, continuation

As I said last time, I would talk about this image, which is used as proof that we are being sprayed with God-knows-what (but they say it is Aluminum, Barium etc)...

So, what you see are a couple of "chemtrails" at 10:58 am. According to the people who believes in chemtrails, as time goes on, you can see "evidence" these are accumulating chemicals.

So, let take this to a very basic level. That far up in the atmosphere, droplets of water are formed. Each droplet of water can create a NUCLEATION POINT. What is a nucleation point? Well, I should know. I am a chemist after all. It is something that we use very often in order to induce crystallization. Now, these droplets in the air acts the same way, allowing new droplets of water to grow on each one of these.

Here is a video exemplifying what I mean. At the beginning there is small crystal. As time goes by, the crystal serves as a nucleation point were new molecules can anchor, making the crystal to grow.

The video is courtesy of Curtis Sleve and shows crystal growth time lapse through microscope. Same thing is happening with the clouds, but as water droplets.

In other words, that image at the top serves as a beautiful example of nucleation and crystal growth. Although, this time it is not crystals that are growing, but clouds made of water droplets. Beautiful isn't it?

Well, next topic is why the levels of aluminum are high in some soils, such as in Hawaii....

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