Thursday, September 27, 2012

BJJ training 20120926, techniques from half-guard

So, today Wednesday Nils was the instructor. He is quite good attacking from the half-guard and just being annoying with his sweeps from any guard. So, he shares with us three different techniques he uses. I know two of them will be very useful for me anyway. The language on the video is Swedish and it is just a bit shaky, but hell... what you gonna do.

So, in this technique is quite important to know. Is like a basic form the half-guard (I am not very good from half-guard though ://). Very important is to really lock his leg with your "free leg" and grab the back of your opponent really tightly. If your opponent manage to avoid the first sweep (which most people with some BJJ experience do), then the second sweep is very useful and works very well (see the clip at 2:10 approx to see the second technique).

Here is the third technique.

A little bit more unusual and I have actually never had to use it. But might be good to know, you could bait your opponent to go to that position. 

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